[LFP] B1 or B2 5e FoundryVTT Use-training

looking for 4 players for Wednesday 20.01 and Friday 29.01 at 4 pm CTE for either into the unknown or keep on the borderlands to improve my Deming skill on Foundryvtt (level 1) Estimated 4 Hours
The two dates are independent training games they are like one-shots to see how far you can go and for me to improve my use of the foundery

What am I’m doing is running a 4-hour dungeon crawl based on a 5e conversion of one of the classic modules by goodman games (Mabey every 2-weeks) to learn how to use foundryvtt better and more efficient

so it is a loose fun Dungeon crawl game

You can bring a level 1 PC or use one of my pregens

Chat will be based on my Discord channel I will give out later

Questions? Intrest?

I’m up for the 20th. I’ll use a pregen, not picky on character type.

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Great I need 2-3 more and it is on you can make a level on and beyond or use a pregen

Good News got 2 of my game store Teens (pre corona players) to join putting us up to 3

Is the 29th still a go? I just found this and missed the 20th. CTE is Central Europe Time correct? I am very interested, as is my wife

yes still on we have 3 players so far interested but I might test out to run it on foundryvtt normal with forge as back up

it is lvl 1 no kobolds orcs or goblinoids (would make it harder to explain why the grads are not hostile to you) any other official 5e material up from SDR to TCoE is ok
Quick heads up you start in the keep near a small village with a map to an abandoned dungeon of to heros but the keep has a cave system full of monsters to deal with too. if you want to message me privately to get a dndbyond campaign link so I can import your pc quickly

Sounds good. Message inbound shortly.

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