[LFP] B1 or B2 5e FoundryVTT use training

looking for 4 players for Friday 15.01 at 4 pm CTE for either into the unknown or keep on the borderlands to improve my Deming skill on Foundryvtt (level 1) Estimated 4 Hours

What am I’m doing is running a 4-hour dungeon crawl based on a 5e conversion of one of the classic modules by goodman games (Mabey every 2-weeks) to learn how to use foundryvtt better and more efficient

so it is a loose fun Dungeon crawl game

You can bring a level 1 PC or use one of my pregens

Chat will be based on my Discord channel I will give out later

Questions? Intrest?

I responded to your ENWorld post. If you do any other oneshots, I’m interested. I run Rappan Athuk (a massive dungeon crawl) in Foundry and would love to see how other DMs are using Foundry and to get experience using Foundry as a player.

I have Rappan Athuk from the Humble bundle looks great

I still try to improve my skill with this tool
I will post other dates for this test
currently, I will offer the 20th and 29th

The 20th works for me. I’ve got other commitments for the 29th.