[LFP] Astonishing Swordsman & Sorcerer's of Hyperborea/OS Campaign needs a few more Players!

:crossed_swords: Astonishing Swordsman & Sorcerers’ of Hyperborea/OSE[Adv]

:spiral_calendar: Saturday Nights fortnightly @ 20:30 (8:30pm)+10:00 GMT(AEST) players are from all over the globe including #Oceania #Americas #Europe . Next game is in a couple of weeks once we have another player or two.

:scroll: Game Synopsis: An OSE/AS&SH amalgamation rules wise but set in Hyperborea. Homebrew and Module Adventures based around Khromarium as the base of Ops. Current on an Expedition exploring (hexcrawl) an island south east of Khromarium.

:memo: This is a FREE #free-to-play game on FoundryVTT [Hosted on the Forge obviously] for a 3-4 hour game with a breaks here and there. 18+ content so please only inquire if you are 18+. Voice is via Discord #English . Just PM me if there is more you wish to know or if you want in. Cheers Davo