[LFP] Astonishing Swordsman & Sorcerer's of Hyperborea/OS Campaign needs a couple more Players!

:crossed_swords: Astonishing Swordsman & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2E/+OSR #other-game-system

:spiral_calendar: #Saturday Saturday’s fortnightly @ 1200 (midday) +10:00 GMT(AEST) #Oceania all of the players are Stateside (So Friday Night for them) #Americas and the GM is in Australia. Next game is due on 10th of July.

:scroll: This is an existing campaign that has been going for about 14 sessions now (Started on Roll20 but has transferred to Foundry). Characters are currently 4-5th level. Currently it is set at a hex crawl Exploration/Expedition (south east of Khromarium) but may soon turn into open world sandbox and ?module affair. We tend to vote on such things on the Discord channel for the game. We are in the main senior GM & players and like to keep the game easy going and social.

:memo: This is a FREE #free-to-play game on FoundryVTT for a 3-4 hour game with a breaks here and there. 18+ content so please only inquire if you are 18+. Voice is via Discord #English . Just PM me if there is more you wish to know or if you want in. Cheers Davo