LFP, AD&D 2e, Forgotten Realms sandbox. Open table

Looking for Players
CAMPAIGN: Shadows of the Shining Vale
**SYSTEM:**AD&D 2nd Edition with minimal house rules, run in the style of 1st edition
**GAME SESSIONS:**Main game session is weekly, Saturday at 11am CST -6GMT, in addition each week I post several game sessions that players can opt into and play out side quests, shopping roleplay, or form secondary expedition groups.
**CAMPAIGN STYLE:**The style is sandbox, with discoverable (and ignorable) narratives and events. Overland travel is a hexcrawl with a focus on resource management, but I make sure to keep it fun and moving. Strict time keeping is very important to me, in the style of 1e, and will be adhered too, so multiple characters are a must for consistent play.
**EXPERIENCE:**All players all welcome regardless of experience level.
**PREFERENCES:**Please have a decent microphone. Please take my campaign world seriously, I put a lot of work into fleshing it out over several years. I like a lighter tone sometimes, but please no joke characters, or characters with minimal ties to the world.
**CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION:**The central hub of the campaign is the town of Daggerford, the surrounding Duchy and the Delimbyr vale it rests in. I’ve spent years doom prepping this place with hundreds of NPCs, locations, events, antagonists, you name it. It’s my favorite setting to work on in my spare time. The area is littered with the ruins of fallen kingdoms with some dating back 10’s of thousands of years. Feel free to adventure in town, take on political intrigue, robs tombs, make moves against growing evil forces in the area, become the growing evil forces in the area. You name it, I’m down for it.

If your interested feel free to reach out to me. All players are welcome, the more the merrier.