[LFP] Abomination Vaults! Saturdays 7pm EST

The town of Otari is a humble but peaceful small town. Few pay attention to the long abandoned lighthouse, known as the Gauntlight, a few miles to the north. But the local curio and knick-knack merchant Wrin Sivinxi has always had an eye for the magical and mystical, even when others might overlook, or perhaps even willfully ignore such things. And Wrin is certain that late at night, the lighthouse has started giving off a strange and eerie glow. Fortunately for her, and perhaps the whole of Otari and beyond, she has some friends she can count on to investigate, adventuring into the lighthouse, uncovering it’s mysteries, and confronting the perils within. Those friends are of course you!

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Income for April going to a charity I used to work at.