[LFP] Abomination Vaults - PF2e - Looking for final player Sundays 9pm-12am EST

Abomination Vaults - PF2e - Looking for final player

Sessions are 9pm-12am EST Sunday nights.

We use foundry VTT and discord for play.
We are an existing group that has played through a myriad of adventures and systems over the last decade. We are just gearing up to start the adventure path Abomination Vaults making this a good time to find one new player to bring us up to five again. We are fairly laid back group of players mostly in our 30s and 40s, and our sessions tend to lean slightly more into combat. It’s not too late to shift classes around, however we currently have a champion, barbarian, cleric, and swashbuckler. Anything arcane or ranged could probably drop in and round out party composition easily. We are using TRADITIONAL exp and this AP is something of a mega dungeon but we will focus on the town and environs the players are based out of.

Please reach out with any questions or further details, character creation info can be provided if we seem like a good match.

Are you still looking for a player because I am interested in your game. I love the system and combat focused games. I could totally make a spellcaster to round out the party as well. However I will say I do not have much experience using foundry but I am pretty comfortable with PF2e as a system.

Hi! I’d be absolutely interested if you’re still looking for a 5th. I’m also in my 40’s and been looking for a chance to play PF2e. The time works great (Bedtime with the kiddos is done.), and I’d love to play a character in the vein of what you’re talking about. Might even want to try a kineticist if you’re amicable to it.

I’ve been DMing a PF2e campaign since April in Foundry. Ran the Beginner Box and we’re now running Extinction Curse. It’s been an absolute blast and I’d love to get in on the player side of things.

If you’d like to chat at some point and get a feel for whether I’d be a good mesh, just send me a message and I’ll send you my discord handle so we can talk!


Hey, are you still looking for new players? I’m pretty new to pathfinder 2e and I’ve been looking for a chance to play in the Golarion setting.

I would love to join if there is room or put on a wait list :grinning: