[LFP] [5thED] [Paid] [Online] [Weekdays 9PM EST] Looking for Players for Weekly Curse of Strahd Campaigns

Cut off from the rest of the world, lying in a mist of despair and darkness lies the land of Barovia. An ancient valley scourged by the plaque known as Strahd Van Zarovich. Who stands in his ancient castle of Ravenloft, as he overlooks his kingdom as yet another group of adventures enter from the mists.Let the games begin.

Immerse yourself in the Domain of Dread known as Barovia. Where you will have to build resources, makes allies, and fight through the horrors of the Land.Starting at level 3, you will be met with an immersive world, compelling and engaging roleplay, and challenging combat.

With battle maps, combat music, ambiance, voice acting, and high quality ai art from midjourney. All official books are good to use and any homebrew just needs to be brought to me before the start of the session. We will be using Discord, Foundry, and D&D Beyond for our games. I will be open to any and all questions you may have and discuss your character ideas you may have.

I am currently looking for players to fill out my for my ongoing Monday Game 9pm Est. But I have new games scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, at the same time. I look forwards to hearing from you.

My discord is journeymen48.
Link to Start Playing:(Professional Game Master - Journeymen | StartPlaying)