[LFP] [5thEd] [Paid] [Online] [$30 session] [50% OFF your first session - $15] [Open to all levels] [Sundays 18:00-21:00 GMT][Campaign - Tyranny of Dragons] [Aspiring Voice and imrpov actor. Lots of roleplay! Fun Combats!]

50% OFF Your First Game! ($15)

About the adventure

Ah, adventurers, heed the call and help stop the ‘Tyranny of Dragons’, a gripping saga woven within the tapestries of the lore-rich and vibrant world of the Forgotten Realms. Brave souls, your valor shall be tested against an unholy union set on unfurling a cataclysmic draconic tempest upon Faerûn. The Cult of the Dragon, the Red Wizards of Thay, and a clandestine confederacy of adversaries conspire to mold the world in anticipation of the arrival of Tiamat, The Queen of Chaos. This adventure combines Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat together, making for one truly epic campaign! As destiny unfurls its path, dragons shall soar across the Sword Coast, and from a crucible, new champions must ascend to stem the tide. Throughout this journey, your personas shall ascend from humble beginnings at 3rd level, to the status of legends at 15th level, will the party be powerful and have their wits about them enough to stop the Nemesis of the Gods herself? Journey forth with us into the heart of Tyranny of Dragons, where valor, wit, and the bonds of fellowship shall shape the destiny of this legendary realm. Using a combination of Discord, DND Beyond, and Foundry VTT to elevate your gaming experience, guaranteeing legendary showdowns and indelible sagas. Will the denizens of the Realms unite to stand against the oppression of dragonkind, or shall they falter under the deluge of draconic fury? Are you prepared to etch your name among the storied legends of the Forgotten Realms and emerge as a fabled dragonslayers?

  • THE CURRENT STATE OF PLAY - Our newly formed party arrived in the town of Greenest during a Dragon Attack! A massive blue dragon, kobolds, bandits and cultists are ransacking the city. The party made it to the Dhavara Keep, where the main defence of the town is taking place. There they met Governor Nighthill, who has asked for the party’s assitance. The party are now carrying out various missions around the under-siege town. Join them as they battle to save lives in the midst of this terrifying onslaught.

What I provide

Access to Foundry VTT with detailed Theatre of the Mind images, battle-maps, effects, music, ambiences, sound effects and immersive modules Access to DNDBeyond with a fair amount of content unlocked

Gameplay details

:game_die: NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY! If this is your first ever game of DND, then don’t fret! I love helping new players discover this wonderful hobby. Other experienced players at my tables are patient and happy to help.
:game_die: We will have a small ‘session 0’ one-on-one type interview by message or on a discord call before the game starts to talk about the game, your expectations and to see if it’s the right campaign for you.
:game_die: This campaign will sometimes have dark themes. If there any lines or triggers that you have, then please let me know so that I can adjust things accordingly. My tables are inclusive and welcoming spaces.
:game_die: We will use Foundry VTT to play the actual game, DNDBeyond for character creation and Discord for voice chat (video is optional).
:game_die: I like lots of role play in my TTRPGS, both as a GM and a player. There will also of course be plenty chances for combat, exploration and a few puzzles.
:game_die: My combats are also more narrative driven and I have tweaked some of the standard rules. See these changes below.
:game_die: This campaign will have its challenges. The battles will be crunchy and sometimes difficult. Character death is a real possibility in this campaign. Have ideas for back up characters in mind.
:game_die: I like to do voices and really get into character. For players, it’s up to you how much you want to get into it. There’s no pressure at all to be on the Critical Roll level! But if you want to, by all means bring it on!
:game_die: Helpful discussions at the table are encouraged. However, overt-metagaming and telling other people how to play their characters and the DM how to run the game will not be tolerated. I also like players to be prepared and on time.
:game_die: There will be a ten minute break half-way through sessions for bathroom and snack breaks.

I have some House Rules:

:scroll: I have recently been experimenting with ‘Role for Emphasis’ (explained here - https://i.redd.it/nom1dscjfapa1.png) for clutch moments in games. It has made for some truly memorable moments! I will use it in this campaign.
:scroll: Movement speed - your characters speed will be used more as a guideline than a cemented rule. This speeds up combat.
:scroll: Attacks of opportunity and flanking - These only trigger if the player / enemy is surrounded. This also speeds up combat.
:scroll: Nat 20s do double damage in combat and means no damage is taken if the roll is for a saving throw. Damage from a critical hit will also be carried over to creatures that are nearby to the target and have the same AC or lower. Real crits!
:scroll: Nat 1s will lead to some sort of consequence decided by me at the time. It also means double damage taken on a failed saving throw. Both of these points are applied to NPCs too!
:scroll: Potions can be taken as a bonus action.
:scroll: Rules - Rules are there to keep order and structure to the game. That being said, I am the type of DM that likes the game to flow and not get overly bogged down by the rules all of the time. The DMs word and judgement is final though. Please respect that, because…
:scroll: Rule of cool - Some the best moments in TTRPGs are born from this. I am willing to bend the rules to listen to ideas when it fits. Please be reasonable with requests to use it though.

For more information please click the link to the startplaying website. Also feel free to reach out to me here on this thread or a private message :slight_smile: