[LFP] [5thEd] [Paid] [Online] [$25 session (first session for half price ($12.50)] [Open to all levels] [Wednesdays at 19:00 - 22:-- GMT][Campaign]Descent into Avernus] Aspiring Voice and imrpov actor. Lots of roleplay! Fun Combats!]

How would you like to spend your Wednesday evenings…in hell!?

Descent into Avernus, a dark and twisted adventure that takes the party to hell itself. Lots of twists, turns, deals and journeying across the hellscape in infernal war machines! Mad Max meets D&D fantasy in Avernus!

Originally hired by the Flaming Fist in the city of Baldur’s Gate, the party are sent to the holy city of Elturel. The grand Duke of Baldur’s Gate was sent to broker a peace deal between the two fiercely competing cities weeks ago, and correspondence from him went from strange to non-existent. During the Duke’s absence, violent ritualistic cult activity has infested Baldur’s Gate. The party are tasked with going to Elturel in time for the ‘Festival of The Dawn’ to seek answers on what happened to the Duke, and also find out what his political rivals are up to in Elturel.

The party have investigated the conspiracy thoroughly, but there is still something amiss. There is no more evident than when creatures from hell rise from fiery pits in the ground and attacking everything in sight! One of the devils that came was very powerful, her burning vengeance shaking Elturel to its core. Can the party find High Overseerer Thavius Kreeg and end this madness? Join us to find out!

Join me and a very welcoming and inclusive table of players, in this adventure of espionage, dark pacts, deals with devils, a city in despair and array harrowing choices to be made. This is my take on the famous Descent into Avernus campaign!

Here’s what to expect:

:fire: A dark and gritty campaign, with some of my own spicy homebrew twists! It starts with the party unravelling the mystery of what’s going on behind the scenes at Elturel, only to find themselves caught in the chaos of the Descent the fiery hell of Avernus itself!

:fire: Characters start at level 4 and end at level 13. Have a few ideas for back up characters in mind. This will be a campaign full of trying and gritty encounters! (We are currently at level 5).

:fire: There will be plenty of chances for role play in the hellscape! Avernus is grim and unrelenting. The party will encounter all sorts of compelling NPCs, opportunities to make decisions on devilishly difficult deals, and do whatever it takes to survive in hell!

:fire: I am an amateur voice actor and improv performer. I will strive to provide engaging NPCs with their own unique personalities, voices and motivations.

:fire: Through Foundry VTT, you will experience immersive playlists, sound effects, art and effects. These, a long with compelling narration, will transport you fully into the fire and brimstone!

:fire: Join me and your fellow players on an epic adventure to save a city doomed to hell. Reserve your spot today!

:desktop_computer: We will use Foundry VTT to play the actual game, DNDBeyond for character creation and Discord for voice chat (video is optional).

:telephone_receiver: We will have a small ‘session 0’ one-on-one type interview by message or on a discord call before the game starts to talk about the game, your expectations and to see if it’s the right campaign for you.

:performing_arts: I like lots of role play in my TTRPGS, both as a GM and a player. There will also of course be plenty chances for combat, exploration and a few puzzles.

:crossed_swords: My combats are also more narrative driven and I have tweaked some of the standard rules. See these changes below.

:fire: This campaign takes place in literal hell. The battles will be crunchy and challenging. Character death is a real possibility in this campaign. Have ideas for back up characters in mind.

:heart: Speaking of hell, Avernus is a grim place and there will be dark themes throughout. If there any lines or triggers that you have, then please let me know so that I can adjust things accordingly. I use lots of safety tools to ensure that my players are comfortable.

:studio_microphone: I like to do voices and really get into character. For players, it’s up to you how much you want to get into it. There’s no pressure at all to be on the Critical Roll level! But if you want to, by all means bring it on!

:scroll: Helpful discussions at the table are encouraged. However, overt-metagaming and telling other people how to play their characters and the DM how to run the game will not be tolerated. I also like players to be prepared and on time.

:coffee: There will be a ten minute break half-way through sessions for bathroom and snack breaks.