[LFP] [5thEd] [Paid] [Online] [$25 session (first session for half price ($12.50)] [Open to all levels] [Mondays at 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. GMT][Campaign]Descent into Avernus! Aspiring Voice and imrpov actor. Lots of roleplay! Fun Combats!]

:fire:**Descent Into Avernus - The Descent Has Begun! Ongoing Campaign!**:fire:

About the adventure

Looking for new adventurers to join our settled and very welcoming party. Descent into Avernus, a dark and twisted adventure that takes the party to hell itself. Lots of twists, turns, deals and journeying across the hellscape in infernal war machines! Mad Max meets D&D fantasy in Avernus! Initially hired by the Flaming Fist in the city of Baldur’s Gate, the party are sent to the holy city of Elturel. The grand Duke of Baldur’s Gate was sent to broker a peace deal between the two fiercely competing cities weeks ago, and correspondence from him went from strange to non-existent. During the Duke’s absence, violent ritualistic cult activity has infested Baldur’s Gate. The party are tasked with going to Elturel in time for the ‘Festival of The Dawn’ to seek answers on what happened to the Duke, and also find out what his political rivals are up to in Elturel. Needless to say the conspiracy runs deep, and just as the party were getting close to answers, Elturel’s magical sun started to warp, the skies went red and creatures from the hells began to invade. Led by a powerful archdevil Zariel. The Descent has begun! Can the party race to stop the ‘Descent into Avernus’.

Join me in this adventure of espionage, dark pacts, deals with devils, a city in despair and array harrowing choices to be made. This is my take on the famous Descent into Avernus campaign!

Slots Available: 2 slots available
Price:$25 per person - First game is 50% off!
System Used: DND5e
Character Level: 5
Experience needed: Open to all levels. If this is your first time playing DND, I will gladly help you.
Mature content: Players must be 18 and over

DM Style: My DMing style is is big on immersive roleplay, drawing players into rich and vibrant worlds where they can embody their characters to the fullest. I pride myself on crafting detailed descriptions, and engaging all of my players’ senses, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the game. I am an aspiring voice actor, and love to breathe life and soul into my NPCs. My combats are thrilling, varied and full of surprises, keeping my players on their toes with dynamic encounters. I also enjoy sprinkling in the occasional puzzle, challenging my players’ problem-solving skills and adding an extra layer of intrigue to your campaigns. I hope to create a living, breathing world full of twists, turns, intrigue and lots of ‘rule of cool’ to make things fun and interesting.
Session Duration: 3 hours
Schedule: = Mondays: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. GMT
Requirements: D&D Beyond, Discord (microphone essential, camera optional), Forge Account, Foundry VTT