[LFP] [5thEd] [Paid] [Online] [$25 session] [Early Bird Discounts at $12.50] [Open to all levels] [Wednesday 18:30 GMT][One Shot - The Wild Sheep Chase] [Aspiring Voice and imrpov actor. Lots of roleplay! Fun Combats!]

About the adventure

The quaint town of Littlepass is the perfect respite for the adventurers after their recent heroic escapades. However, their plans for a leisurely day are abruptly disrupted when a frantic sheep, with an unusual magical scroll tied around its neck, rushes into The Ivy Bush tavern, bleating urgently. The scroll bestows begins a chain of events, including an impending disaster involving a mad mage and his…interesting henchmen. With little time to spare, the party finds themselves embroiled in an unexpected and whimsical adventure. Here’s what to expect:

:sheep: There promises to be lots of fun, laughs and creative solutions to wacky problems.

:sheep: This is a level 4 adventure. If it’s your first time playing DND then let me know, and I will gladly help you create a character and guide you on how to play.

:sheep: There will be plenty of chances for role play in The Wild Sheep Chase! The party will encounter all sorts of engaging NPCs, opportunities to be creative, many moments of humour, crunchy and varied combats and perhaps a puzzle sprinkled in.

:sheep: I am an amateur voice actor. I will strive to provide engaging NPCs with their own unique personalities, voices and motivations.

:sheep: Through Foundry VTT, you will experience immersive playlists, sound effects, art and effects. These, along with compelling narration, will transport you fully into the world of fantasy! Join me and your fellow players on an epic night of DND fun!

Feel free to message me here are on SPG if you have any questions :slight_smile: