[LFP] [5thEd] [Paid] [Online] [$20 session] [Level 1 - 20] [Thursday - 18:00-21:00 EST] [Tyranny of Dragons: Attack of the True Dragons!] [BEGINNER FRIENDLY]

:world_map: Travel across the entire planet of Toril and don’t be limited by the Sword Coast!

:blue_book: Storytelling of first class!

:slot_machine: Game options! Choose your preferred method of playing.

:man_mage: Custom campaign backgrounds.

:metal: Meet with characters of Forgotten Realms including some characters from BG3!!!

:art: Have your character drawn by a real artist to make your ideas come true.

Your character is living in a new era in Forgotten Realms, the gods just started to talk with his followers again, the spell plague is no more, many champions of good and evil have fallen, but the world is in constant change. Your travels and history have made you go to a small village called Greenest in the Green Grass region, and here the adventure of your life will begin, are you going to side with the forces of good or evil? The fate of the world is at your hands and all your decisions will matter for the future.
This campaign is heavily dependent on the players choices, so the campaign can finish at level 14 or go up to level 20. We will all begin at level 1 and follow along a journey in Faerun and beyond.

Welcome to the world of D&D, welcome to Forgotten Realms, the Tyranny of Dragons has begun!

More info can be found at: Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Online | Tyranny of Dragons: Attack of the True Dragons! | Rewritten, BEGINNER FRIENDLY, Free Session 0, Lvl 1 - 20