[LFP] [5e] [Tuesdays or Saturdays 7PM EDT] [Paid $12] HB | Adventures in Kallas

:crossed_swords: Game System:
:calendar: When do you play:
I have two tables, one is ongoing which is the saturday one, and I’m recruting for a second table on tuesdays.
Tuesdays at 7 PM EDT [GMT-4]
Saturdays at 7 PM EDT [GMT-4]
:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
Original Homebrew setting called Kallas in which I run all my tables. I Started creating my setting back in 2018, I have finished Dming two campaigns on this setting and the players contributed to worldbuilding by creating new places, Npcs and factions. It’s not mandatory, but I am open to collaborative storytelling and I believe one of my strengths as a DM is being able to incorporate ideas, cater to the players point of view, and present a well-thought-out world where the foundational bricks have been laid but we can always add more layers.
:memo: Aditional Details:

  • Kallas is a High-magic scenario, with firearms, airships and flying cities. Each story I tell has deep roots in the history of the setting, with detailed Npcs, Cities, Families, Villains and Factions. Much like a multiverse, every table takes place in different ages of the world, exploring different events and how the players react to them.
  • Both my games are all well featured premium Foundry VTT games in which the only thing lacking is my amateur voices and dumb jokes.
  • I Host my games on ForgeVTT with paid modules and assets from 6+ creators and a curated selection of handpicked 100+ foundry modules

Game: Kallas: A Time of Need.

Group type: Online - Discord Server.

Experience: Any.

Schedule: Weekly - Saturdays - 7PM to 10PM EST.

Session Length: 3-4 hours.

Session: Next session is the 7th.

Fee: $10 per session, paypal.

Roles sought: Looking for 2-3 players, Players are currently lv 4. This campaign is going to run for a long time. Don’t be afraid to join the fray!

Game style: Combat, Exploration and Light-Roleplay.

Apply via discord: leonoel85#5264

About the Game

This campaign theme is the fight of free people against a powerful empire.

Lore writings describing the continent the campaign takes place are available here.

This is an ongoing campaign and we are looking for 2 or 3 players.The players in this campaign are mostly DnD veterans that enjoy character building, combat and light-roleplay. We are all responsible and reliable, and we are looking to recruit more mature players that are capable of committing to a campaign without flaking.

Game: Kallas: Fallen Stars, Rising Heroes.

Group type: Online - Discord Server.

Experience: Any.

Schedule: Weekly - Tuesdays - 7PM to 10PM EST.

Session Length: 3-4 hours.

Session: Session zero will be scheduled when all seats are filled.

Fee: $12 per session, Paypal.

Roles sought: Looking for 6 players.

Game style: Combat, Roleplay and Puzzles.

Apply via discord: leonoel85#5264

The Story:

You have been imprisoned in a wizard’s lair, subjected to terrible experiments against your will. Dark powers begin manifesting on you. Just as hope seems lost, an opportunity to escape arises. But little do you know about the experiments done to you.

As you journey forth into the wizard’s lair, you will be discovering details of your captor identity. And the motives behind your abduction. Unknowingly, the fate of the world lies in your hands. Can you discover the truth behind your imprisonment and stop the wizard’s dark design before it’s too late?

In “Fallen Stars, Rising Heroes” you’ll navigate a world on the brink of destruction, face off against powerful enemies, and unravel the mystery of the wizard’s plan. Will you aid in the destruction of the world, or will you rise up and become the heroes the world needs to save it from certain doom? Join us on this epic adventure and find out!

Game Info:

  • The campaign will become a sandbox once the players get out of the wizard’s lab and find themselves in Malapa.
  • Malapa is a big city where every type of urban adventure is available.
  • Starting level: 3.
  • Point buy or Standard Array.
  • Light Multiclass allowed.
  • Players may create characters from all over Ishtar, but the story will unfold in the city of Malapa.
  • Each player will be bestowed a Dark Power, granted by the experiments done on them while they were in the wizard’s lab.
  • These powers will have downsides, mostly interpretative.
  • Players will be able to embrace their dark powers and develop them further or try to get rid of them.

Examples of Dark Powers:

  • Regeneration :heart:

Your wounds close faster than normal, lost limbs regrow over time, any damage you receive becomes a permanent scar, ever flaking and itching.

  • Improved Dark Vision:eye:

If you don’t have darkvision you gain the benefits of it. If you already have darkvision your vision range increases by 30 ft. You have sensitivity to bright light, you feel discomfort when in broad daylight or artificial bright light.

  • Uncanny Strength:muscle:

Your strength score is set to 20, you are clumsy due to the rapid growth of your muscles altering your body balance, and you experience muscle cramps and spasms often.

  • Thick Skin:crocodile:

You gain the benefits of natural armor value 13. Your skin turns scaly like that of a dragon.

  • Improved Metabolism:fire:

You have advantage on constitution saving throws. You are always feeling hungry and need to eat twice more than your companions.

Still looking for 1 player for my saturday table and 3 players for my tuesday table.

Finished a definitive list of Dark Gifts for the players of Tuesday Kallas: Fallen stars, Rising Heroes to choose from: Dark Gifts - Google Docs

I have three players waiting for at least one more player to join to schedule a session zero and begin the campaign, come join us :wink: