[LFP] [5e] [Saturdays, Noon, Eastern time] [Paid $15/sesh] [Rise of the Drow - Foundry]

Paid $15 USD per session OR $50 USD for four sessions in advance ($10 discount). Four sessions guaranteed if paid in advance, even if you miss or a session has to be cancelled.

*Tonight, a ceremony of light is taking place on the surface.

Meanwhile, a world away in the city of spiders, a drow matron solidifies a pact with soul-consuming entities who require great sacrifices in trade for unimaginable power. Drow eyes turn to the surface.

This campaign is a mega-adventure and setting, taking characters across the surface and into the depths of the world. Adventurers will meet unique denizens, battle horrors of the Underworld, explore epic locations, and fight to stop the rise of the drow.

It is set in the unique world of Aventyr, which supplies its own dangers and lore which will keep players engaged and on their toes every step of the way!*

About me

I have been playing TTRPGs in some form or another since I was 13 years old. I am now, 47 and most of that time - I was the DM! So I am no stranger to running these games and have no problem in making sure all involved are highly engaged. From beginner to veteran alike!

In Session 0, we will have an open discussion about what content players can expect.

I also have an open door policy, where any player can message me at any time to express any concerns or otherwise.

I am excellent at making, even pre-developed campaigns such as this one, very personal to each character. I will, quite often, develop sub-plots based on players backstories, or even their character actions within the game. This way each player has a unique and enjoyable experience.

Characters will start at level 1. For this particular campaign, everyone will use standard array. Players will have access to the campaign through my DnDbeyond to be able to create their characters.

Characters can be created using any published WotC material, (except Spelljammer) however, due to the unique setting, some races may not work, so feel free to reach out to me before session with your concept and I will be happy to help you work through it!

I may be new to Foundry, but I am anything but new to TTRPGs, and I have taken the time to learn the basic and advanced use of the platform.

Come join us on this delve into the Underdark in this beautifully fleshed out campaign!

How to apply?
Feel free to add me on Discord and shoot me a message that you are interested! Old Socks#7860

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You have my sword!


You guys are still accepting applications since I would like to join the campaign, My Discord is TheHackedAnime3#4518, I already sent you a friend request so just let me know if you accepting.

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Welcome aboard good sir!

One spot left folks! Session 0/1 is this coming Saturday!

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