[LFP][5E][Paid] - Wings Over Mystara - recruiting griffon riders for two campaigns

Griffons were created from the earth of the Darokin plains, water from the mighty Streel River, wind from the Silver Sierras, and fire from the depths of the Altan Tepes mountains.

Flight Captain Father Jacob Mauntea, Cleric of Terra, Talon Flight

:woman_elf: DM Name: Kasandrah
:crossed_swords: Game System: D&D5E
:calendar: When We Play: Two separate games - one at 8:00 AM Friday ACST weekly and the other at 5:30 PM Sunday ACST fortnightly (ACST = UTC/GMT +9:30 hours), 3 to 4 hours each session
:scroll: Brief Description: “Wings Over Mystara” is a military campaign featuring Mystara’s magnificent griffons and their brave riders. Combat, exploration, and roleplay with a story focus in a high magic setting.
:memo: Additional Details: We play online using D&D Beyond, Discord, and Foundry VTT hosted on The Forge. Friday’s game is a new listing, so we have six seats available. We have two seats available for our Sunday game.
:dollar: Rate: $15.00 USD per session, no charge for Session 0

Please refer to our game listings. Both games are original adventures in TSR’s old Mystara setting.

:feather: Wings Over Mystara - “My Life in Your Service” - instant booking, early bird discount
:feather: Wings Over Mystara - Primo Veloce Flight

Let’s not forget the griffons themselves, each a unique bundle of personality, history, and aerial ferocity worthy of song and saga. Some are polar opposites of their riders, and some are so like their riders they seem of the same mind. Each griffon is a gift from Terra, blessed with a rider to care for them until the end of their days together.

But Mystara is a world ruled by Immortals who were once mortal beings; all things are possible. Some very fortunate riders may find an Immortal sponsor and never have to part from their griffons. These pairs might pass through death and fly the skies of other fantastic planes, always together.

Aurelianus, Head Druid of Melinir Grove

Ground Floor - Griffon Stables - Fort Hobart