[LFP][5e][Paid] Wild West Lost Mine of Phandelver, classic adventure with a western twist!

:crossed_swords: Game System:
D&D 5th Edition using Foundry VTT and Discord for voice

:calendar: When do you play:
Currently TBD, we can discuss schedules once we get enough players! (CST)

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
You’ve been hired by your friend, a dwarven feller by the name of Gundren Rockseeker. He needs supplies delivered to the western town of Phandalin. He ain’t given you many details of the job itself, but promises that whatever it is, it’s gonna be big. So mount up, grab your 6-shooter, and ride for Phandalin, because where y’all’re headed, adventure surely awaits.

The classic 5th edition adventure, Lost Mine of Phandelver but ran in a wild west setting. This is a great adventure for new players wanting to learn the rules of D&D, and for experienced players who want to replay this classic adventure but with a fresh twist.

Lost Mine of Phandelver is an open world sandbox adventure meant for tier 1 play (levels 1-5). Helping Gundren is just the main quest, many fun sidequests await you as you explore the wild-west inspired region around Phandalin.

:notepad_spiral: Link

Curious if you ever ended up starting this game up - thanks!

Hi! unfortunately yes, it has started and is full. However I am planning on running more western games in the future! Do you want me to let you know when I do?

More unfortunate if you hadn’t!

Yes, please, I’d be interested!