[LFP][5e][paid][foundry] Candy land Kingdom

Game: D&D 5e
Group type: Online
Experience: Any level
Location/Timezone: UK GMT (currently GMT+1)
Schedule: Thursday 7pm-10pm
Roles sought: Players 3-6
Game style: This should be a mix of RP and combat, some days may be more one then other as campaigns tend to go. Will have cartoon violence. Will be fairly casual as turning this setting grim dark is possible. I want to keep it light hearted.

You wake up in the dark to a sweet smell and a sticky floor. You feel around and feel you’re in a room. No, not a room, a cage with others. You stand up groggily trying to see anything that will tell you where you are. Then a light on the ceiling and an image appears of a small brightly dressed woman with wings with a great big smile. “Welcome to the candy land kingdom, where dreams and wishes come true.” she excitedly exclaims in a sickeningly sweet voice. “Come along and explore the Rivers of honey and the oceans of cream. The ice cream mountains and the gummy forests filled with gummy creatures big and small. Enjoy your stay at the candy land kingdom where every day is a new sweet adventure.”
The image disappears leaving you in the dark. Then the lights strike up to reveal you and several others trapped behind candy cane bars with a figure standing above you. He’s an older man, wearing a sweaty old vest, some dark blue pants and a tool belt smoking something. He says “yea, well, welcome to this hell’s maintenance crew.”

Aim should be for level 1 - 10.

Creation - We will have a session zero.
Stats are Roll 4d6 drop the lowest and if you don’t like the results you can take a point buy.

It will be played in foundry (on forge VTT) and voice chat over discord.

About me - I’m a Dungeon master with around 11 years experience. Mostly with 5e but I have a few more systems under my belt that I can run. I enjoy stories, I enjoy creating them and then watching a person go through it and create a story within the story and the best bit for me is finding out that they got great memories out of playing that will stick with them for many years after.

link to join - Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Online | The Candy Land Kingdom
Cost $20 per session - half price for first 2 people to join

I will be running some one shots in this world at some point so if you only want a small adventure keep an eye out.