[LFP][5e][Paid $20] - The Dawn of Ages, a campaign of immortals

:bearded_person:t2: DM Name: Stenbjorn :bear:

:crossed_swords: Game System: D&D 5e

:spiral_calendar: When We Play: Saturdays at 10pm EST(7pm PST) starting with Session 0 September 10th 2022.

:scroll: Description: Experience the march of the ages from the very beginning! A group of archfey have ascended to godhood and called upon you to be the defenders of their new world!

Heavy roleplay and a large dose of tactical combat as we explore what it’s like to go from the stone age to a high fantasy medieval period as immortals, created by the gods to protect a new world.

:memo: Additional Details: Playing online through Foundry hosted on The Forge, using D&D Beyond for character sheets. This is a custom adventure built to be a bit of a sandbox for players to explore a new world and really dig in to both roleplay and challenging combat and strategic situations. There will be an over-arching story as the gods ask you to protect their world.

:dollar: Rate: $20 USD per session, Session 0 is free.

:world_map: The Dawn of Ages, a campaign of immortals. - Instant booking, early bird discount(1 left!)

  • Play an immortal guardian, created to be a defender of this new world.

  • Don’t memorize the lore of a new fantasy world, create it! Your adventures will become the legends told by generations!

  • Defend and guide early societies as the gods bring settlers to live on their new creation.

  • Start in the Neolithic era and advance alongside the technology of the world, exploring and changing the world with your decisions.

  • Interact directly with the gods, as you are their champions!

  • Fight legendary creatures in epic combat, put your stamp on entire societies, and deal with the consequences of being immortal in a world where everyone else dies.

  • Deal with other worldly incursions and ambassadors from other worlds and planes of existence.

  • A low magic start might become high magic later, driven by your research!

  • Create domains or wander the world as traveling scholars or warriors.