[LFP] [5e][Foundry][$13] Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (A Brand New Weekly Legend of Zelda 5e Full Campaign Lvl 1 - 20) Free Session 0!

In a world of Hyrule where the Hero of Time is no where to be found, the goddess still call upon heroes to help stop the evil that manifests within the kingdom and threaten the world. A celebration of not just Ocarina of time, but the Zelda series as a whole. No need to be a fan of the series to enjoy this full fledge campaign and for those who have played expect tons of easter eggs and references. Hyrule homebrew races, items, and enemies are all part of the adventure as the quest to save the land and all of the Earth is at stake!

Professional Game Master - Focus Fiasco | StartPlaying

I have many options for time and day so if there is a time and day that fits please dont hesitate to join. Hope to hear from you soon.