LFP - 5E - 95% RP >> Pioneering in the South Khanates (Thursday 12AM - GMT+2 Greece)

Greetings, brave adventurers!

:dagger: Are you ready to unleash your imagination and forge your own destiny in a fantastical world? :dagger:

The Khan himself beckons you to a thrilling online DnD 5e campaign where you’ll have the chance to establish your very own pioneering town! Build alliances, battle fearsome foes, and harness the power of your creativity as you shape the fate of your town.

:european_castle: Gather 'round the virtual table, as the tale unfolds every Thursday. :european_castle:

:scroll: Join us in this epic creative quest and create lasting memories! Beginners (with caustion) and seasoned players are welcome to join.

RSVP now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure! :star2:

May the dice roll ever in your favor!

:game_die: Game Master Lambros :game_die:
Every Thursday 12AM - GMT+2 Greece
Forge / DDBeyond / Discord (Cam+Mic)

Free to play (no plans to stream)
95% RP, occasional battle. See more for the extra rules we will be working with on the homebrew site Land Of Opportunity Pioneer Ruleset For DnD 5e | Grey Dragon World (dnd-world.com)