[LFP][5e] [8pm EST] Sailing the Seas!

Hi everyone! I have a game I run that is mostly homebrew but set in Faerun. There are 4 players of varying levels of expertise (1 year to 5 years plus experience). Looking for another player with a fairly flexible schedule as one of our members works a variable schedule and can usually play one night a week either Mon, Tue, Wed or Thu between 8pm-11:30pm EST. The group has 4 other members, needs someone who is willing to play a tank class and who is willing to roleplay as this group enjoys their RP!We’re all IRL friends spread across the country and are pretty laid back. We are playing tonight if someone can be ready to play (8/21). If not I can bring someone in for next session to meet everyone. Party is lvl 2 but leveling soon. Thanks!