[LFP][$5][Saturdays][8PM EST] Alien RPG - The Draconis Strain Saga | Beginners welcome

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Welcome to the Alien RPG, a harsh and unforgiving universe full of corruption, retro-futuristic sci-fi, and body horror. You are nothing if not expendable.
The Draconis Saga is a cinematic campaign comprised of three scenarios:

  1. Chariot of the Gods - Play as space truckers on the USCSS Montero on a routine supply mission goes very wrong, turning into a thrilling, terror-filled ride into deep space. (2-3 sessions)
  2. Destroyer of Worlds - Take on the roles of Colonial Marines and run a gauntlet of one hell after another. (~3 sessions)
  3. Heart of Darkness - A spiraling descent into soul-crushing madness aboard a science station orbiting a black hole. (~3 sessions)

Sessions are 3-4 hours each. Including session zero, the entire campaign should comprise about 8-10 sessions. Each scenario is written for 3-5 players and comes with its own pre-generated characters (sometimes multiple!). I’ll publish a roster of PCs for players to choose from before each scenario.

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