LFP (3-4) Homebrew world

Answers of the Goddess

:crossed_swords: Game System: PF1e

:calendar: When do you play: On a weekday to be set by the group, start time of about 12-1 CST (again, time flexable)

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise: See below

:memo: Aditional Details: So this will be my second time running this campaign. This is a homebrew world with the focus of the party towards the evil side of the spectrum (anti-hero-ish.) One thing that sets this world apart would be the persecution of arcane magic. As a result, players are restricted from using magic that is granted from divine sources. So we explore that aspect a bit while also diving into a struggle that is overall much bigger than the players. The climax of this campaign has the players becoming mythic characters, so there will by mythic rules in play.

Speaking of rules, the available material for character creation will include; core, advanced, ultimate combat and magic. Anything beyond that will require GM approval.

The campaign runs from levels 1 through 6, meets once a week (with assuming 1 game off a month,) runs about 3-4 hours a session and lasts roughly a year. Will plan on starting the first session about a week after the players are determined.

Will be using foundry/discord.

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I am looking for a group if you’re still looking for players

We sure are. Check pm.

I wanna play If there is a sit avaible

Hi, i am also intrested if this is still open.

I am interested if you are still looking for players