[LFP][18+][Paid] [Mondays] [8:30 PM] Escape the Carnival! Heckna 5e Pulp Horror Campaign 1-12!

The sounds of laughter echo through the dark woods, drawing you out of its cold clammy grasp toward what seems like a joyous place! The Revelia, operated by the ever-smiling Heckna! Cotton Candy, rides and games galore. What’s to dislike?

But all is not well in this land of sweets and treats. Something sinister lingers beneath it all. Adventurers seem unable to leave its borders. And those who stay too long grow all too fond of the place. You find yourself the latest arrival in the Revelia. Will you join the few willing to try and resist Heckna’s temptations, or will you fall for his wiles and join the ever-growing number of rubes and revellers?

HECKNA! is a 5e setting inspired by classic court jesters, Victorian-era circuses and sideshows, and campy flicks from the 1980s. Published by Hitpoint Press, this colorful setting offers a lighthearted yet horror-themed campaign where you will have to find a way out or die laughing.