[LFP - 1 more] [Paid $6] [Mondays 4pst] Fresh Curse Of Strahd - Session 0 soon

The Curse Of Strahd (new group)

Venture into the mist shrouded land of Barovia and face your greatest fears in The Curse of Strahd. This popular adventure will test your mettle against the Vampire Lord Strahd von Zarovich and his legion of undead minions. Ultimately, your goal will be to survive and defeat Strahd, but you will need allies and weapons for the fight.

I have kept the content of this module as close to the source material as I can, while also adding my own unique take on the world. Players of all skill levels are welcome. Expect an experience powered by Foundry VTT, which will offer an array of quality of life improvements. Expect effects, sounds, and music.

System: 5E (with use of books in my campaign)

Date: Mondays 5PM (pst)

Slots: 5 slots available / this is a new group

Price: $6 per player (Early bird booking available)

Style: Foundry VTT (Hosted on Forge-Vtt) / Discord for voice (Optional camera)

A note:

This will be my third time running the campaign. I have created it, ran it, and refined it to where you can expect a smooth and open experience.

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