[LFP:1][D&D5e] Welcome to the Savage Frontier

Gamemaster: zapp87

Game System: D&D 5e

Schedule: Every other Sunday, 12:30pm Eastern Time ~ 4:30pm. Next scheduled game is September 11

Players needed: 1. New Players welcome, but not recommended in this case (see below)

Brief Description:

This is a game which has been running for 2.5 years so far. The players are now in third Tier of game play, which is new for me, to be sure. New players are always welcome in my games, but starting at Level 12, with little to no experience in the game system, can be overwhelming to say the least. I’d strongly suggest players with experience consider this.

In the Forgotton Realms, the proverbial wall is stuck with so much spaghetti it’s not even funny.

The Party have only just returned from a harrowing adventure to reclaim the Eye of Nuldar Sepp, an artifact of ancient evil, and something that figures into the plans of a Netherese lich.

They face a crossroads: what to do? One of the Party has been framed for the kidnapping of Queen Dagnabbet, of Mithral Hall, and every dwarf in the north would like to get a kick in. An ancient red dragon, who now controls the city of Mirabar, has taken issue with a member of the Party and has put the Sword Coast at the top of his “To Do” list as a result. The pirate city of Luskan has been disappeared to the Shadowfell…but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

The Dessarin Empire, something of a joke, is somehow becoming a true threat to the North, exporting innocent cooking spices which, to everyone’s surprise, contain flecks of an ancient evil that corrupts mortals and sends their souls toward damnation. The Sword Coast is literally eating its way to Hell…

Plane-shifting wizards, evil liches, conniving wizards, contracts backed by the Halls of Concordance in Sigil or the Diabolical Courts of Phlegethos, the party find themselves in the crosshairs of Death Knights, Mummy Lords, Liches, Succubi, Inevitables and worse.

But…the gods are on their side, cheering them on as they watch from Afar, eating popcorn and booing when the bad guy monologues. They haven’t done much else if I were being honest.

Right now, the party plan to travel to the Shadowfell, to find an old Party-member, a shady, deceitful trickster who seems to be the key to too many locks. Where she is, none know, not even the all-powerful, corrupted Inevitable who hunts her. Facing the gloom and grey hostility of the Shadowfell, with evils both new and ancient dogging their trails, they hold something none others do… a golden apple which will show them the way!

Our party of 12th level characters features:

  • Druid
  • Bard
  • Barbarian
  • Wizard
  • Warlock

We play like clockwork every other Sunday, 12:30pm – 4:30pm Eastern Time. Next game is September 11th. Audio over Discord, game over Forge-vtt.com. So long as 4 players can make it, the game goes ahead.

The goal, above all others, is to have fun.

If you think you have the time, and are willing to wade into the morass of 2.5 years of developing plotlines, let me know!