[LFGM] Players looking for an intro to PF2e, please!

We’re two guys with a lot of experience of TTRPGs (including PF1) but just starting out with PF2.

We’re looking for a GM who’ll give us an intro adventure where we’ll play two characters each to make a party of four PCs.

Maybe you’re a new GM who could use a low-stakes intro game yourself, or maybe you’re just a kind-hearted GM who’d love to give us this way in to PF2.

We’re very open about further details, so give us a shout and let’s talk!

If you still haven’t found a game, I could GM one at wednesday, thursday or saturday evening. I have ran the Beginner Box multiple time, a dungeon crawl for lv1 characters at which the characters level up to lv2 close to the end.