[LFG][WFRP4E] New(ish) Player Looking for Regular Group

Hi everyone,

I was a heavy gamer in my younger days and tried setting up a regular group the last two years that didn’t work out. I’m interested in finding a group to play WFRP4E once a week for approximately 3 hours. I’m currently available any evening except Thursday between 6 and 9 CST (GMT -5).

Most of my experience has been with D&D 2.5, but I was always intrigued by the Warhammer world. I have read through the core rules but only have limited experience with it as a GM and would like to get into playing it. I don’t mind reasonable pay to play as I realize this platform and the assets do cost money. Would also love to run through The Enemy Within at least once.

Anyone have an existing group or looking to start one?