[LFG] [UTC+3] [PF2e] [PF1e] Experienced player looking for a sandbox game!

Tally ho,I’m Rein! I’m trying to keep this short because nobody seems to read long LFG posts.

First of all I’m not looking for a paid game,so don’t even bother if you’re a paid DM.

Bit about me: I’ve played TTRPGs for about 6 years and I’ve played quite a lot of different games out there but pathfinder is my favorite game at the moment,followed by 40k dark heresy 2e. I’ve got a pretty dark sense of humor but it depends entirely on the group how often that shows. I’m a chill bloke in my mid 20s and usually the last person in the group who would get mad because of a joke.

I’m looking for a game that uses foundry for the game itself and discord for voice,I’m not interested in text only games.

The main reason why I like pathfinder is the huge amount of player options so if you’ve got a banlist of stuff or just allow core races/classes then yeah sorry that’s not the game for me. Doesn’t matter which edition, rings true for both of them.

As it says in the title I’m looking for a sandbox game so I’m not into APs, though there are couple of 1e APs that are basically sandboxes so I could be interested in those,2e APs are railroads so those are out though.

As a player I don’t really fit into any specific type,I’m more of a jack of all trades kinda guy who really likes tactical combat, roleplaying, world exploration, dungeon crawling and everything else really, no one thing makes or breaks a campaign for me and I play differently in every group I’ve joined so far. Like for example if the group isn’t into heavy roleplaying then I’m not the guy who insists on roleplaying through every watch while camping but if that’s exactly what the group wants then sure, I’ll join in on that.

I’m available any day of the week aside from wednesdays from 4pm to about 1 AM UTC+3. If you think I’d match your group feel free to message me so we can talk more.