[LFG] [Tue 07:00am-06:00pm] [PST] [D&D5e] [Free]

Player Looking For Group
:crossed_swords: Game System:
D&D5E, Foundry VTT

:calendar: When do you play:
Weekly Tuesdays, anytime starting between 07:00am ~ 06:00pm PST

:moneybag:Paid Games:
No, not in a position to pay

:scroll: Brief Description
Player Looking for Group. Hopefully a long term campaign leaning more towards RP. Not a requirement but hoping to play published modules but any homebrew within the published worlds like the Lost Realms, Wildemount, etc, are fine

Hello my name is Erebus (32). I have a handful of D&D5e campaigns under my belt and additionally I have 2 years of RP experience on a discord server of about 50ish people on both text and voice. I have a quality mic and as a player I am comfortable voice acting.

I love lore in general and that’s what lead me to fall in love with D&D. Being a lore guy, I really like applying a sprinkle of D&D cannon into my characters backstories. There is nothing more fun than to build my characters and see how they interact with the party and see the shenanigans that unfold before my eyes. In character I’m always looking to heal, buff, or keep the enemy away from my party whether it be through a tank or a elusive magic caster. Additionally I love to bring my parties character backstories to life by mingling with the party through RP. I love that aspect of D&D. Hopefully looking for a campaign that doesn’t limit the campaign to one sourcebook and potentially some UA material under supervision. Please contact by commenting below or preferably through a PM