[LFG] [PF2E] Player looking for Group

:spiral_calendar: When can you play:
Looking to join a group that plays any day of the week that IS NOT Friday/Sunday, i am GMT based

:question: What should the prospective GM know about you as a player:
I am looking to play anything to be fair but i do enough campaigns with a little for combat focus

:question: VTT System?
I would prefer to use FoundryVTT as i know the most about that system

Are you familiar with GURPS?
I am running a game on Thursdays CMT.

I am unfamiliar with GURPS? What time on Thursday?

We play every other Thursday at 7-10pm Central Standard Time 1-4am GMT

We are playing Abomination Vaults every Thursday from 6pm tp 9pm. We are EST though

Currently at level 5 with three players, would be nice to add another one

Ping me up on Discord if you are interested at blackstrum

*Note: It is pay-to-play

That runs slightly to late for myself, the latest i could do play till would be like 2am

I would love to take part in this but i am not looking for paid sessions

If you decide later that you want to join the game just let me know.
Thank you for considering my game.

Iā€™m new to D&D, can i join?