[LFG] [PF2e] or [5e] [PST] 5e verteran looking to either play more 5e or try pathfinder 2e

Hi, I have played 5e for 9ish years. And while I love it, I feel it’s time to try a different (but still similar) game system. But even if I don’t find a pf2e game, I’ll gladly hop into a 5e game too. My main availability is Tuesday or Monday ending at 4:30pm at the latest. So if you have/want a morning game, let me know.

I am Gming a Pf2e game the party is being put together now, it is Wednesdays 8pm GMT+3 , there are currently 4 players, one more player would be helpful to have in the party.
Tonight there is a character building session if you are interested let me know

Hi, sorry for the late response, I want to take your offer if possible

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