[LFG] [PF2E] Longtime GM needs to learn to PLAY PF2E

My name is Randall and I’ve been a TTRP DM since 1982 and VTTRPGr since 2014 (Roll20 w/PF1E, DnD5e). After taking a couple of years off due to IRL stuff, in 2023 I bought PF2E Core, HeroLab Online (w/PF2E Core GM+Player), Foundry VTT and this subsc. to The Forge. In essence, Im starting out brand new since Foundry is so much more than Roll20 and Paizo revamped PF2E into almost a new (better) system IMO. My goal is to become a fluent PF2E Player and Foundry user before hosting my own games again. I’m in the CST.
If having a quasi-noob Player with a lot of rpg experience will work in your Group I’d be thankful to join.

Come join us! msg me back if interested.

I’m in EST and have configured my own Foundry server with PF2e and DND5e world systems plus several mods. While I’d love to GM, unlike you, I am a total noob. I have the PF2e beginner box loaded and I’ve been working on creating one offs from the Candlekeep mysteries for DND5e.
Let me know if you’d be interested in joining forces.


I just finished running Menace under Otari for my group (it took them months IRL) and fell in love with PF2.

Unfortunately, my group wasn’t as thrilled and wants to revert to 5E. So, if you’re on the lookout for a player who can assist with figuring out some rules and Foundry settings, I’m far from an expert but could definitely lend a hand. And if you’re in need of a DM, I can step into those shoes too.

I’d love to be part of a party that actually manages to meet once a week for a change. :slight_smile:

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I have a similar history starting with AD&D, 2e, skipped 3-4e, restarted with 5e. Now starting a group on PF2e Otari & Abomination Vaults are in the scope. We have 2 other DMs that are learning PF2e along with me. Tentatively Saturday or Sunday 8PM EST. Catch me on Discord: rodney3972 if interested.

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What im runnining is a large group of players trying to stop the world from total anilation. Set in a home world setting but using the core pathfinder 2e rules. we use discord for voice and play 2-3 times a week on a come and go pace. I will allow the players that havent had a chance to join during the week the chance to play before sombody that has alrady played. I will allow 6-8 players (usaly 6) per sesion. This is a free server and is just now starting. Players are curently levels 2-3 and started at level 1. all are welcome to join. Im wanting to add and make this as big as i can.

MSG me for more info or invite.

Hello r_bishop! I’m going to search for you on Discord and see where you’re at now game wise. I’ve started a group on Friday’s with 4 Players. We’ve had one mini-adventure near Sandpoint and now they are at Otari and have begun to explore the Gauntlight Keep level. I’m still up for a Sunday evening game if you have one. Doesn’t matter if it’s Abom. Vaults or other. Hope to find you in Discord. Ciao.

Hey again! Just found you on Discord. I’m not an experienced Discord user so bear with me. Sunday night at 7 EST is great as I’m CST and start my game on Friday 7 CST and Sunday night is also available for me. With a whole bunch of DMs in on Foundry game, I couldn’t ask for a better Group to learn from and with. I’ll try to relay that to you in Discord.

Sayoblade find me on Discord DM_Randall. I’ve started Abomination Vaults on Fridays @ 7PM CST.