[LFG][PF2E] Fifth Edition to Pathfinder convert looking for a new campaign/group to play with

Time Zone: GMT -6 (CST)
Times Available: Monday, Weds, and Thurs nights after 7 PM. I’m free Sat and Sunday from 2 pm-late night. Friday nights are a no go for me.
Preferred Name: Adro/Alex
Pronouns: He/Him
System(s) of Choice: Pathfinder 2E
Experience/Other info: I’ve been playing DND 5th Edition for a few months, but due to the latest drama about the OGL, I’ve decided to try other systems. I have some prior experience in playing other tabletop games, but for the most part, I am new to TTRPGs. Mainly I am looking for a long-term group, running an adventure path or the beginner box, as it looks like a good introduction to PF2E. I’m not looking for a paid group right now either.