[LFG] [PF1e,PF2e] Looking for new group

Old primary group died out and I have a hankering to join a new group. Mostly just looking for people to chill with and get some gaming done.

About me:
30, he/him, live in canada, MST, recently got started working at canada post so I have a fairly set schedule. Looking for a game on friday or saturday around 6-7pm MST start. I generally prefer combat, but I love working with the DM and other players on backstory info to bring up later on. Been playing for 13-ish years, mostly pf1e/dnd 3.5, with a mix of dnd 5e and pf2e, then misc RPGs (highlights: dark heresy 1e, fate, maid RPG)

Stuff I prefer:
I want good communication, I’d prefer if others had the same investment in learning the system (like I want to join a pathfinder game to play pathfinder, not to free-form RP, otherwise I’d play something else)

I know LFG posts rarely work out but hey, if you’re willing to give me a chance hit me up on discord: bewareoftom

I only have a game sunday night your TZ. I have one CoC running Sunday Nights your TZ?? I do play in another game with a grp your TZ Friday nights. Discord at Filthy Pig Inn and Tavern AndyGND tell him Davo sent you if you are interested in that game. Good Luck Mate - Your Rarely LFG WORKS OUT REPLY FOR ONCE! LOL Cheers Davo ;o)

Fridays 11-1:30pm central time

10 year veteran DM running it and could use a frontliner and healer ideally,

It is $15 a session but the first one is free!

Discord for voice, Foundry for play

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