[LFG] Long time DM looking to join a game as a player

I’ve DMed for 8 years, looking to play in a game.

I’m open to whatever kind of campaign, homebrew, official, timed, endless, roleplay, combat.

I’d most likely play a support character, and have a few homebrew ideas, but they’re not required if the game doesn’t allow it.

I’m available Wed & Thur from 4pm and later, Saturday before 2pm, and all day Sunday (ALL TIMES CDT)

Thanks in advance

Hey! I have a few options for you if you are still interested in playing! I too am a long time DM and know that the desire to play in games yourself is real!! I have 1 game right now that is needing new players that falls on the date you are available. I am running Abomination Vaults, in the Pathfinder 2e system. The campaign is nearly over…they are in the last few levels of the dungeon now…but it’s a good group and once this one is done, we are planning on taking a look at a different PF Adventure Path to keep playing. This game starts around 2:15:00 AM and we generally play for 2-3 hours. This is a free game.

Additionally, I run some games for a fee, and I am trying to get a 5e Curse of Strahd game going. It would likely be on Thursdays, same time…and be $15…if you are interested!

We play all games audio via Discord and use Foundry here on forge! :slight_smile:

Hey drpepperdm,

Was hoping to get into a 5e game, purely so I can get going quickly, without having to learn the nuances of PF.

As a paid DM, myself, the paid game isn’t necessarily a hard no, however, if I can find a free game that fits my schedule, I would have to choose that.

With that being said, after a bit of deliberation and checking around, I’ll let you know if your 5e game is the right choice.

Thanks! I totally get it! I just posted the Curse of Strahd game up yesterday! I hope you find the right game for you!! If it ends up being my CoS game, just let me know! Happy to have you!