[LFG] Long time DM looking to join a game as a player

I’ve DMed for 8 years, looking to play in a game.

I’m open to whatever kind of campaign, homebrew, official, timed, endless, roleplay, combat.

I’d most likely play a support character, and have a few homebrew ideas, but they’re not required if the game doesn’t allow it.

I’m available Wed & Thur from 4pm and later, Saturday before 2pm, and all day Sunday (ALL TIMES CDT)

Thanks in advance

Hey! I have a few options for you if you are still interested in playing! I too am a long time DM and know that the desire to play in games yourself is real!! I have 1 game right now that is needing new players that falls on the date you are available. I am running Abomination Vaults, in the Pathfinder 2e system. The campaign is nearly over…they are in the last few levels of the dungeon now…but it’s a good group and once this one is done, we are planning on taking a look at a different PF Adventure Path to keep playing. This game starts around 2:15:00 AM and we generally play for 2-3 hours. This is a free game.

Additionally, I run some games for a fee, and I am trying to get a 5e Curse of Strahd game going. It would likely be on Thursdays, same time…and be $15…if you are interested!

We play all games audio via Discord and use Foundry here on forge! :slight_smile:

Hey drpepperdm,

Was hoping to get into a 5e game, purely so I can get going quickly, without having to learn the nuances of PF.

As a paid DM, myself, the paid game isn’t necessarily a hard no, however, if I can find a free game that fits my schedule, I would have to choose that.

With that being said, after a bit of deliberation and checking around, I’ll let you know if your 5e game is the right choice.

Thanks! I totally get it! I just posted the Curse of Strahd game up yesterday! I hope you find the right game for you!! If it ends up being my CoS game, just let me know! Happy to have you!

Still looking by any chance, and open to a Friday morning game? You sound like a good fit for what we have going on.