[LFG][Gauging interest][18+][Simplified DND5e] Mork Borg One shots

Game system: Mork borg
IMPORTANT: it’s literally simplified dnd5e, still d20 based, just not built for the long run, characters are a lot more fragile and magic might kill you.

Info: I am trying to gauge interest as a gm for players who would want to hop into some one shot’s/casual campaign of mork borg. Vanilla rules with additions for the situation in the form of creatures, enemies, and spells. I want to get some experience in running games before commiting to a long term campaign again.

Using Discord official mork borg or a voice call to talk, using foundryvtt for the game.

18+ only, violence, torture, and gore, think a dark fantasy rpg (dark souls, elden ring)

slots: from 1-4, I’m willing to dm for a solo player

If interested for this Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday starting between 6 and 7 pm CST (UTC-6), comment below. possibly repeating, comment past the dates for next week

I am interested to join your campaign

Good to know! I have added information in a discord post on the same topic:
The days I could run are monday, wednesday, or thursday starting at 7:00 PM (CST).

Games would be with up to 4 players. As long as 1 player shows up to a given game I would be content to run that session. If you can’t attend game(s) and want your character to stay just give me a brief, even 1 sentence plausible reason for them to be gone and I’ll gladly keep them in mind for future sessions. The game could focus more around character development on lower count days, while higher counts could focus big events, but that’s up to the person(s) who show up.
Also, I could move the timeline up or down, if a game wins y’all can vote on it.

I asked if they would prefer Mork borg core or Cy_borg, a cyberpunk version of mork borg. So far Mork borg is winning. Of course, if you can’t attend mondays that would be fine.
If you’re still interested I can share with you the link to the official Mork borg discord where the games will be held in discord, while I’ll message you the forge/foundry link before the first game. If you have any questions feel free to respond here or message me here.