[LFG] [DnD5e] [Foundry] [Discord] One player looking for Weekly Friday and/or Saturday sessions after 17:00 (5 pm) CEST/GTM +2 Europe

After years of absence, I want to get back into what was my hobby for over fifteen years of playing D&D (1,2,3,3.5 and 4), World of Darkness, Mutant, Drakar och Demoner, and Eon. Due to work, I’m able to either attend a session late Friday (In Sweden this would be after 17:00 afternoon) or anytime during Saturday.

Playstyle: Team-oriented and compromising to create a good time for all. I prefer exploration, horror, uncovering mysteries, roleplaying. Sure, combat is fun, I admit, but compared to exploration and roleplay swinging weapons and spells at foes don’t compare. When an opportunity for in-game violence is presented I tend to, depending on the situation, of course, avoid it for non-combat roleplay. Hoping that I may uncover something unexpected or to stay true to my characterization. I will adapt my playstyle to the setting and players.

As a person, I’m somewhat withdrawn but very willing to attempt to overcome difficulties through determination. I have no issues talking potential issues out, whatever they may be. If I’ve done something that is out of bounds, simply inappropriate, then I prefer openness. TTRPG game is a teamwork after all and I would hate to be the selfish buzzkill.

My English language skills are uneven, I have to admit. Reading or writing English is easy, no problemo. Ok, maybe “no problemo”; incorrect grammar and sentence structure can at times be tricky but often it isn’t. However, speaking English can be somewhat challenging due to a lack of opportunity to speak it. Mostly pronunciation and finding the right word on the spot is where my tongue may trip and flutter.

I do have Foundry VTT but lack any experience with it. Currently, I’m investing the little time I have during workdays to learn it by watching youtube videos and then rehearsing the information on the platform.

I do use discord but is willing to learn other VoIPs.

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I would like to participate is there a place for me?