[LFG] [DnD5e] [$15/Session] [FoundryVTT] [DnDBeyond] [Syrinscape] [Fridays@9pmGMT] [WeeklyCampaign] Goblins Go Wild: Beginner friendly campaign with experienced GM

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:calendar: When:
Once a week on Fridays at 9pm GMT. First game on 2024-02-02T21:00:00Z

:scroll: Module
I’m running Phandelver and the Shattered Obelisk so this is pretty ideal for players who are new to DnD 5e or players who have previously played Lost Mine of Phandelver and want a look at the new content added. Pursue roving enemies ranging from basic Goblins to Eldritch horrors, politcal intrigue and sinister plots, this campaign has a bit of everything for everyone.

Characters will start at level 1 and continue to level 12 if they only pursue official content. I have homebrew content that will be intersperced among the main storyline should players wish to pursue, so there’s potential there for higher levels. I have pre-made characters with backstories as well.

:memo: Aditional Details:
Using Discord, Foundry VTT/Forge VTT, DnD Beyond, and Syrinscape. No additional purchases by players, will have access to all sourcebooks necessary to run campaign and customize characters.

$15 per session, half price for early birds. Session zero is free however!

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