LFG | DnD | Looking for a long term game!

Playing since the '90s, nowadays a forever DM, looking for a long-term campaign with high RP expectations.
Ok with relatively new DMs, with fun aimed campaigns. Dire and Horror are neat too, if with heavy RP

System(s): DnD5e (but ok with dnd 2e, 3.5e or pf2e)

Interests: High Fantasy, long-term, heavy RP (depending on race allowances will be taking up a voice :slight_smile: )
4-7 hours sound good!

Availability: Any Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
(UK- GMT 8am-10pm)-
(Eastern US EDT 8am-6am) more or less.

Paid games?: no thank you.

I will be creating a half-page backstory, heavily built into my character, and keep paper/pencil notes :slight_smile: old school!

Who am I?
I am Lambros, a Greek, white, gay, cis, guy that goes by he/him, but am comfortable with any other pronoun too. I am a Career Coach (on 1/2 sabbatical) and I am creating a homebrew site for dnd5e stuff.

Into chit chat between games, and plan on making friends with my co-players. The DM too!