[LFG] [D&D5e] [PAID] [£5 PER SESSION PER PLAYER] Curse of Strahd Campaign

System/Name: DnD 5E Curse of Strahd!

Timeframe: Available to run on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only

Timezone: British Summer Time/GMT

Experience: 6 years of TTRPG/Game Master

Details: I’m really interested in running this campaign, we shall be using forge/foundry vtt. I shall provide the server, music, maps, voice acting and token creation, you just need to send me your characters artwork.

It’s £5 per player per session to a maximum of 4 players per session which will be paid through Paypal. I will help you individually come up with your characters backstory once you’ve all decided on your class/subclass in session 0 to help make your character feel more grounded within the world of Faerûn/Barovia. Said session 0/help with backstory will be free of charge.

There will be some homebrew which I shall discuss later, mainly revolving balancing classes and introducing certain mechanics and you all shall be starting off at level 3. My timeframe for playing are from 1pm-9pm, sessions will only be 4 hours long, though I am willing to stretch it out if you are in a combat, then we shall end after combat.