LFG Agorany Academy (LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Inclusive)

The setting: This game will be set in the world of Eberron and will be about the Agorany Adventuring Academy. This academy is famous for helping create some of the best adventurer’s in the world! With the 100-year war over and peace finally starting to happen in Khorvaire, many new adventurer’s have signed up to join the ranks of students here.
The world of Eberron can be described as steampunk but with magic, and it is a diverse and interesting world. From the Demon Wastes to Eel Bay, this world is brimming with interesting characters, new adventures and so much more. This campaign started and mostly takes place at Agorany Academy, but there are going to be a lot of opportunities to explore.
This school will make you into the best of the best, but will you fit in with your peers? Will you have a hard time keeping up with them? Will you rise above and be seen as a beacon for everyone to look up to? Only time will tell. Adventure Awaits You!

DM: Hey, I’m Milo (he/him), and I’m a professional DM. I have been a professional DM for a year now, and DMing for 3 years before that.

Day/Time: Fridays from 7 pm to 11 pm

Price: $15/session

Gameplay: My games are fairly role-play heavy, and I encourage all my players to dig their nails into the world. Combat is a must and will happen almost every session, but combat will always move the story forward. I welcome players of any experience level, and I will help you as we go along. If you would like to join this game, please be at least 18, comfortable role-playing in a college-age setting, and be ready to jump in!

Players: We currently have two players and are wanting to add at least two more, three max.

Safety Tools: I will also be sending you a sheet to fill out that will help me know what materials you are comfortable discussing during play. We will be utilizing the green, yellow and red safety policy as it is easy to remember and implement. We will have access to the X button, which you can pull up at any time during game. This will take some pressure off of anyone who needs to pause the game.

Contact Info: Either send me a message here or add me on discord Sunflower Boy Milo#2632

Currently, have three players and are looking for 2 more

Currently have 4 players and are looking for 1 more