LFG [5E][GMT+0][Campaign or Homebrew]

:crossed_swords: What game system(s) are you interested in?:
I am interested in 5E games :). Homebrew or module.

:spiral_calendar: When can you play:
I can play Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and maybe Saturday/Sunday evenings. GMT+0 (UK)

:question: What should the prospective GM know about you as a player:
Currently DMing a group of five and are ten sessions in at the moment every two weeks on my homebrew campagin. So looking to get my player buzz on. Big into story and character development as group. My most enjoyable role-playing experience involved my character’s death on a heist that went wrong. I had three saves to make and managed 2 out of 3. The last saving roll I failed by 1. Was a brilliant night of RP and the game was tense for everyone involved (I hope!). Really enjoyed that night, even though my character was disintegrated by a Beholder!

I am a very easy going person, not looking for drama and have zero expectations… Just have fun, roll dice and help be part of a story for all to enjoy, including the DM! :slight_smile:

I can roll up any part role to fit and enjoy most classes but if I had a choice I am leaning towards a wizard/rogue or wizard/fighter base character.