LFG 1+ Player for Old-School Essentials

Event Name: A Blast From the Past
Game System: Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy
DM: kevodemo
Date/Time: Every Monday from 6 pm CST to 10 PM (next session is on the 26th)
How many spots: 1+ available
Description: My Gm Kev, and our longstanding DND experienced table of 6+ years are looking to break through the mold of old-school RPG games, and dip our toes into the Gygax-inspired waters. So far the team of three players has explored a level into the starting snake-seer dungeon, and we are deciding where the group will travel next. Megadungeons, castle in the skies, monster-infested woodlands at the edge of civilization? Imagination is our limit and we’re hoping for another player to help round out the team.

So far we have two people that edge towards playing magic casters, and me your lovely tankboi. But the current team is a cleric, thief, and knight, with the assumption being death is just around the corner that might scramble as we mad dash into our backup characters.

If you are interested in the system or the game, newbie or old stan of aged rpgs, message me here or add me on Discord at goliathead. The few requirements are that you need to be 18+, have a decent working microphone, and can consistently make the scheduled session times. Otherwise, I need a few quick questions to get you into the door and talk with the group to see how you might fit the mold.

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