[LFDM] [D&D5e] [SUN 10:30 AM GMT] Party Searching For DM

We are a party of 5, maybe 6, irl friends on the hunt for a DM as I no longer have the time to fill that role any more. Two of us are very experienced with 5e having DM’d for several years and played for more, and the other three have about 2 years under their belts using Foundry which we would prefer to stick with, but can use other platforms if need be.

We are looking for either a homebrew campaign, or one of the prebuilt adventures, with a preference for Curse of Strahd. If you have a homebrew campaign I would appreciate a rough idea of what the campaign/setting is to relay to the group.

We have players from Australia, Canada and England, meaning we are not flexible with the time we are looking to play at.
We would like to have games on every second Sunday (one of our players works 8 days on, 6 off and cannot play during the week at work), at 10:30am GMT, starting on June 30th (ideally, or two weeks after if not). Game time would ideally be about 3 to 4 hours as it starts getting too late for the Aussies if it goes much longer than that.
One of our players may be a little inconsistent due to shift work scheduling. Unsure if the 6th player wants to join the group at the moment.

We are happy to pay for the games. Let me know your price so I can relay that to the group and make sure we’re all happy with it.


I might be able to run this for you guys, it will my homebrew dnd5e world: Lumindor.
it’s a world that went through a “age of machines” becoming so advanced that they almost killed their own planet, all races except human stopped mass creating to try and save the world. some races are either extinct or changed from the usual, while others can be asked about. you can play human if you do decide this is a good campaign.

if this doesn’t really interest you that’s fine! and it will be free, but you can tip me if you feel like it (no pressure) it does use the supplement “Book of extinction”

Hi. Thanks for messaging me.
I have a few questions about the campaign so I can give the others a bit more detail about the campaign/setting.

  • Is this a fantasy or more of a steampunk/sci-fi setting?
  • What level would the campaign start at, and what level would you anticipate it ending at?
  • What races are not able to played, and which ones have changed?
  • One of our players wants to play as a Gunslinger if its available in the campaign? He has other things in mind if not.
  • Can you give me a general outline of the games plot/initial objectives? Aka what would we be doing in this world?
  • Have you run this campaign before? If so, how many times? If not, have you run games in this setting before?
  • How much experience do you have as a DM?

We dont have any requirements about experience or what we play really, just trying to get a feel for you and the campaign.
Im not familiar with Book of Extinction, but we dont have any issues adding stuff to the game. Does it have additional character creation options that we need to have a look at, or is it more on the DM side of things?


yes of course I can provide the changes + extra stuff, with the humans I made I messed up they are meant to be variant human but the others are correct.

it is a fantasy setting and the overall goal will be about finally putting an end to the humans expansion (how this is done is upto the players) smaller goals will be learning about other races and their ways, hopefully get them on your side for the final battle.

you’ll start level 1 with a lot of rp early (milestones for leveling) as for level it will end it depends on how long it ends up running, so not fully sure on that. I did start a campaign with some others in the world and the first few sessions have gone well but very little combat so far.

as for dming I have been one for just over a year and ran oneshots or full campaigns.

As for the options, gunslinger would be likely human as they are the only ones that really kept machines but if they can come up with a good reason another race might be one, most animal based races, underdark races and quite a few subraces (see the world anvil for those as they have been combined into one races)

adding on that dragonborn are like that due to the usual dragons long being dead, instead ones more “tree like” have taken their place.

Appreciate the extra info. Ill pass this all on to the group and get back to you.

Just to double check, the subclasses listed in the google drive are extra options, and we can still use the other 5e subclasses correct?

Oh yeah of course! Those are just more nature based ones
adding on that humans cannot be druids but can be artificers, other races cannot be artificers but can be druids.


By the sounds of it the group is happy to play this campaign. Do you have a discord link you want to send me so I can get us all into one place?

sure! it’s also for my pokemon campaign but it has the maps on there for Lumindor. we will start session 0 on the day you mentioned.