[LF2P] Monarch Manufacturers | PF2E Kingmaker | Monday Weekly 19:00 EST Game | Session 19 | Level 4 - Beginners Welcome!

:crossed_swords: Pathfinder 2nd Edition :crossed_swords:

:calendar: We play Weekly on Monday at 19:00(EST) :calendar:

:scroll: This will be focused on new players but veterans are more than welcome! The campaign will be equal parts a narrative driven and player drive sandbox hexploration campaign! Full rules on kingdom building and warfare. We will be using Foundry VTT and Discord through all of this! :scroll:

:memo: We are looking for two players to join our existing group, they party have only just reached the founding of their kingdom. An excellent time for new players to join and immerse themselves in the Stolen Lands! More details on the following link: Play Pathfinder 2e Online | Monarch Manufacturers (PF2E Kingmaker, Monday Weekly 19:00 EST Game. Session 19, Level 4) - Beginners Welcome! :memo: