:crossed_swords: Game System:
Pathfinder 2E

:calendar: When do you play:
We plan to play once a week on working days (Mon-Fri). Target day is Thu, but it’s negotiable. Start time is 16.00 GMT+1 (Europe), but it’s also negotiable. We would like to have 4 hours sessions or longer.

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
Malevolence, Paizo module, for lvl 3-6. Expected time is at least 12 sessions. I would like you to enjoy in this adventure and develop your character together with other players, but I would expect from every player to create character that is useful in some way to group.

:memo: Additional Details:
I’m looking for 2 more players as I already have 2 my regular players from RL.ATM group (with me) consist of 2 older guys (58yo) and one student. Players from Europe are preferred (due to timezone) but not a must. Also, I would like to have players with some knowledge of English. We are not British, so using engrish from time to time is acceptable.
For game, we will be using Discord, with cam and server will be here on Forge.

From www.paizo.com
Malevolence is a horror-themed adventure for 3rd-level characters written by James Jacobs featuring sinister new monsters, mysterious magical items and spells to discover, and a fully-detailed haunted house for players to explore, exorcise, and endure. With an immersive method of researching the history and truths of the mansion’s macabre secrets through visions, dreams, and good-old fashioned ghost-hunting and investigation, Malevolence is ready to test the limits of any heroic party’s bravery!

Group FULL. Thnx all !