[LF1-2M] [SF] [FREE] [Weekly Thurdays 7pm CST] RP-heavy, but sometimes equal on combat! Complete newcomers to Starfinder highly encouraged at my table! New campaign just started, friendly non-judgemental table

Please note: This is a free gaming group. There are no fees, no requests for donations or anything. I run these tabletop RPG group for the fun of it. I put a lot of time and effort into GMing, and while I don’t expect much from my players, If you can’t commit to a weekly game lasting ~3 hours, please pass on us. We’re trying to secure our weekly sessions again, and don’t have time for flakes or those that can’t commit that section of time. Also, complete newbies are not just welcome but preferred, so long as you have the desire to learn the basics and also interested in heavy roleplay environment. There may be times where there is no combat for several sessions in a row. On the flipside, there could be times when there is combat for lengthy periods of time (1-2 sessions before a break, depending on party action). If you dislike either heavy RP or combat, we are probably not the group for you. A quick mention on my current players general mindset: They will generally bend over backwards to not engage in a battle if it can be reasonably avoided. They typically don’t attack or kill without probable cause, so no murder hobos here!

About me & the other players
Howdy, players seeking a group! My name is Jordan, and I’m a DM in search of an extra player or two. We play in Foundry. I have experience as both a player and DM going back to D&D 3e, then 5e and now Starfinder. A bit about my style. I tend to incorporate player backstories to tell more personalized stories, while a much greater story progresses in the background. I try to follow the rules of the system I’m using, but I’m not above making alterations for the sake of fun or brevity, and always open to criticism or discussion on a rule or ruling I make. I also tend to do a mix of detailed & colorful battlemaps, along with theater of the mind when necessary. I typically use visual and audio props (pictures to visualize what I’m describing, music and sound effects to set the mood). My group and I are fairly new to Starfinder, but are enjoying it. We played a oneshot first, then a short 6 session mini-campaign. Last Thursday, we began our first full fledged campaign with Starfinder. Some of us have been together for a long time, but a fair number of us were found on an LFG website ~1.5 years ago for a 5e campaign, and we’ve all been friends ever since. When we have to cancel a session due to missing players, or whatever reason, those of us that are able to show up will jump into Tabletop Simulator and play a board game (this is not required though!).

We have a good group of 4 players (technically 5, but she’s been through surgery and hasn’t been around much, and may drop out). We began our 5e campaign with a massive 9 players, but were able to whittle that down to 7 for a fair amount of time. I feel that 5-6 is the sweet spot, and 7 is more than manageable. (9 in 5e required me to get very creative, but it wasn’t too bad). Recently, we lost a couple more due to schedule conflicts that a day change wouldn’t resolve.

That’s where you come in. I’m looking for 1-2 players that are at least somewhat interested in playing with Starfinder, beginners not only welcome but preferred. I don’t mind a veteran, but since we’re all fairly new to this system, it feels only right to gather more newbies! You don’t have to have any knowledge of how the system works, so long as you have the desire to play. If you want to understand the mechanics, I am more than happy to teach them to you. If you just want to role dice and enjoy yourself roleplaying, while having me adjudicate the rules entirely…well, that’s fine too. If you’re somewhat shy, that’s certainly alright, as a large group can help you feel less of a spotlight on your quiet ways! (And we’ll do our best to help you overcome that shyness/anxiety)

The Setting: My vision of the Starfinder core setting + a doze of homebrew
The setting is sci-fi with a splash of fantasy. Starfinder core setting is a heavy blend of sci-fi with fantasy, a little too much fantasy for my liking. I’ve kept most lore and content, but toned down the fantasy elements to make a much more unique feel from fantasy settings, along with adding in my own content and vision to the very well created Starfinder universe! If you enjoy sci-fi, cyberpunk, and modern content, you’ll probably love this setting. If you’re a SF veteran, it may feel a little weird to you at times, but for most I imagine it’ll feel more natural. If you buy any of the SF books/pdfs, they will not go to waste, though! I’m really just tweaking various small things here and there.

The Story setup
I’ll get into the details of the campaign in private, but the basic premise is the players are all from a settlement on a very remote planet out in “the vast” (deep space that is difficult to travel to and from). Everyone has a strong connection to this colony, regardless of the reason. Recently, it was discovered there was a valuable natural resource near the colony, which began a series of problems for the residents. Corporate goons began to harass the locals, until one day things turn violent. The party consists of some of the most capable in the colony asked to set off on a journey to find a way, or multiple ways, to help protect and free the colony from constant threat. The reward? Protecting your home, loved ones, AND becoming rich beyond belief, along with the rest of the citizens. The day to day missions and story beads will be highly character driven, bringing in the party’s past and wants to push the story forward in many cases. I hate calling it open-world, but I run my games in a way that you could do anything, go anywhere, without “breaking” anything. I can handle the chaos. While you and your team are off taking care of personal issues, earning money and making a name for yourselves, the overarching plot will present itself from time to time.

Finally, if this all sounds fun and interesting to you, and you love the idea of playing in a sci-fi campaign (with fantasy elements, such as magic existing), but are confused by the Starfinder classes, then don’t worry! If you pick to join us, and we pick you, then expect lots of aid in choosing the right class for you. We’ll give whatever help you need! We’re a very friendly and open group, and we’ve had a very diverse group in the past with ~50-50 male-female at one point. No one in the group has any behavioral issues, no creeps or weirdos here. Any racism, sexism or disturbing behavior toward other members (regardless of creepy, hateful or sexual harassment) is not tolerated. I don’t want to say we’re a “safe space” like all the kids talk about, but I’d like to think it’s as safe a space as one can get on the internet without getting ridiculous. We’ve found that 18+ is pretty much a requirement, not so much due to the content and topics we delve into (we go through light-hearted and dark story paths, but nothing grotesque), but we’re all mid-20’s+, so it’s rather inappropriate to bring on any kids. I would go as far to say that if you’re still in school or your time isn’t your own (meaning you can’t guarantee you’ll make every session, unless something important comes up), it would be best to find another group. We generally try to make everyone comfortable at the table, as it should be. Everyone here is very respectful to each other.

Just send me a DM here with a little bit about yourself and your experience with tabletop RPGs (or lack thereof! I’ve had 100% first-timers before and they were amazing!). Give me a little info on what you’re looking for in a group and, if we’re still looking for more, I’ll send you the character questionnaire to gather info about who your character is, and begin helping to get you ready to join us! Please give me time to respond, last time I did one of these I got nearly 50 interested persons!