LF 2+ Players for custom 5e system (Unlimited Story)

Greetings All,

I’m 8 sessions into my custom Unlimited Story system wwww.unlimited-story.com) and am looking to add at at least 2 more players. Here is the nitty-gritty…

  • System: Unlimited Story (similar to 5e)
  • Uses Forgevtt and Discord (Unlimited Story) feel free to message quontom on Discord.
  • Mondays soft start at 6PM and hard start at 7PM CST. Soft stop at 9PM and hard stop at 10PM CST.
  • English
  • Free
  • I record sessions, but don’t post them.

Here is the basic setup…


  • 1 EXP per minute of active game time and bonus EXP for completing a mission.
  • 10 to 30 EXP weekly if you utilize Marketplace RP for upgrades, purchasing, etc.
  • 10 to 60 EXP weekly if you write short RPs or interact with other NPCs in RP situations.
  • No EXP is awarded for kills.


  • 32 Years Ago: The Core Wars started.
  • 27 Years Ago: The Core Wars ended.
  • 26.5 Years Ago: The Shattering devastated the planet killing a large portion of the world’s population. The following 10 years are known as the Years of Strife.
  • 1.5 Years Ago: The Breaking devastated the planet killing a vast majority of the population.
  • 4 Months Ago: Grand Matriarch Vosh claimed victory in the First Battle of Bastion by forcing the united factions to retreat.
  • 3 Months Ago: The Rebirth surged across Genesis, shortly after Grand Matriarch Vosh was defeated at the Second Battle of Bastion.


Three months have passed since Grand Matriarch Vosh’s defeat at the Second Battle of Bastion. Questions and rumors are whispered about the shocking victory and Genesis’ mysterious rebirth. Few know the truth and even fewer are willing to speak a word of it. One thing is clear, life on Genesis will never be the same.

What is known is that the people of Genesis united to take on Danaran’s vast army. During the climax of the battle a surge of energy sent both sides reeling. Every piece of technology was fried and most notably the source of conjuring and invoking abilities disappeared.

The Rebirth as it was named, completely changed how the people of Genesis lived. Mankind’s advanced technology was turned into heaping piles of junk. The coveted skill of invoking and conjuring abilities became commonplace.

Now a new normal has begun in Bastion. Many of those who fought in the war stayed to begin a new life. To the west is Margrain, overseen by Magni Thane wielder of the artifact Smith. The great farmlands are being rebuilt by the strength and dedication of her Rykers. To the south is split between three factions often at odds with each other: The United Airborne, Rin Clan, and Dreamwalkers. In and around the Ruins of Starfall the United Airborne tirelessly worked to rebuild their prized ship that crashed during the massive surge. Their operations are overseen by their respected leader, Admiral Felicia Dawn. The Rin Clan, an elite group of assassins, have no confirmed locations. Their presence is never seen, but felt. Their leader, Lord Rin, left Masao as their liaison. Communication with the Rin Clan is done through a single mailbox. The Dreamwalkers, a new faction, rose from the clouds of Caelum. These dedicated monks work, train, and meditate in their newly constructed home, the Monastery of Dreams. Their Master Gow is often sought out as a voice of reason in an ever chaotic area. Aluma Vista to the north remains in turmoil as Ellia Jones, also known as Leah Vosh the Grand Matriarch’s granddaughter, struggles to establish order with a people who’d only known subjugation. Deep in the darkest alleys of Aluma Vista is The Sixth Ward, known for dark dealings and seedy behavior. To the east is Numa Hoon, ruled by Speaker Kade Bowden holding his mighty blade, Unity. Often these hunters are on patrol searching to provide sustenance for a city in need. Finally, in the center of it all, is Bastion itself. No official leader has been elected, but most operations are being coordinated by the young and brilliant Lanaya Kaelan. Unfortunately, due to her tarnished past, few are willing to speak with her and instead flock to the charismatic war hero, Clayton Briggs.

And somewhere in the midst of all this is you, what will you do?

You still available?

Totally, hit me up on Discord Unlimited Story I’m Quontom. :slight_smile: